6-Speed Automatic Transmission (AT) - 09E/09L/0AT/0B6 - Adaption and drive sequence

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General Information This is a general page that applies to 09E/09L/0AT/0B6 6-Speed Automatic Transmission (AT) transmissions which are Longitudinal mounted in vehicles such as the:

The TSB/TPI, Adaptation and Measuring Block data we have available at this time is located in this thread. This Wiki page will include additional information at a later point in time.

In the meanwhile, Registered customers seeking assistance can post the complete VCDS Auto-Scan with the vehicle repair history in addition to any vehicle functionality concerns in that thread.

Additional information can be found in the Official Factory Repair Information.


Measuring Blocks

Measuring Blocks related to adaptation information for Clutches A, B, C, D and E can be found in the mentioned thread linked above.

Basic Setting

The Basic Setting function is not applicable to this transmission controller.


Adaptation channel 001 is only available in vehicles manufactured after a production split in 2006. Some 2004-2006 model year vehicles may support the Adaptation function after a dealer level flash update has been performed per the applicable TSBs/TPIs which can be located in the Official Factory Repair Information.

Special Procedures

Defined Test Drive


Special Notes

Several TSB/TPIs exist for the transmission codes covered. Always check the repair manual for the car in question but this is a (small) list: