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Internal Control Module Memory Error

Internal Control Module Memory Error

Possible Causes

  • Wiring from/to Control Module faulty
    • Voltage Supply and/or Ground Supply faulty
  • Control Module faulty
    • Control Module Housing leaky

Possible Solutions

  • Check/Clean Wiring from/to Control Module
    • Check Voltage Supply and Ground Supply including the Main Supply/Connections at the Battery
  • Replace Control Module

Special Notes

  • This fault is NOT to be ignored when found in a major and/or critical system (Airbag, ABS etc.).
  • When stored in other unimportant systems (Radio etc.) the general suggestion is to ignore it unless you notice functional limitations. Within the warranty period dealers are usually required to replace such control modules, but there have been a couple of cases with similar codes where these are getting ignored due to flaws in the control module software. If in doubt please refer to technical bulletins and similar documents provided by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Audi Airbag 6 & 7
    • Problem: A fault of the acceleration sensor may result in the above fault.
    • Solution: Replace Airbag control module and both acceleration sensors.
  • Audi Airbag 8
    • Problem: Due to under voltage the control module does not complete it's self test successfully.
    • Solution: Replace Airbag control module and install a under voltage protection relay for it.
  • Certain older TDI ECUs which have a vacuum line going to them
    • Problem: Vacuum line broken, either before ECU or inside ECU.
    • Solution: Inspect and repair vacuum lines to ECU and inside ECU.