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Internal Control Module Memory Error

Internal Control Module Memory Error

Possible Causes

  • Control Module housing leaky > Control Module wet
  • Wiring from/to Control Module faulty
  • Control Module faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Check/Clean Wiring from/to Control Module
  • Replace Control Module

Special Notes

  • This fault is NOT to be ignored when found in a major and/or critical system (Airbag, ABS etc.).
  • When stored in other systems (Radio etc.) the general suggestion is to ignore it unless you notice functional limitations.
  • Audi Airbag 6 & 7
    • Problem: A fault of the acceleration sensor may result in the above fault.
    • Solution: Replace Airbag control module and both acceleration sensors.
  • Audi Airbag 8
    • Problem: Due to under voltage the control module does not complete it's self test successfully.
    • Solution: Replace Airbag control module and install a under voltage protection relay for it.
  • Certain older TDI ECUs which have a vacuum line going to them
    • Problem: Vacuum line broken, either before ECU or inside ECU.
    • Solution: Inspect and repair vacuum lines to ECU and inside ECU.