Audi A4 (8K) Airbag Audi 10

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The Airbag Audi 10 system can be identified by evaluating the AirbagVW-AU10 Component data in the Auto-Scan:

Address 15: Airbags (J234)
  Part No SW: 8K0 959 655 K    HW: 8K0 959 655 K
  Component: AirbagVW-AU10 H45 0610
  ASAM Dataset: EV_AirbaECUVWAUDI010 003010
  ROD: EV_AirbaECUVWAUDI010_AU48.rod


Replacement of the Airbag control module may result in Component Protection (CP) DTCs such as U1101 and U1100. Component Protection can only be learned/disabled using the Factory Tool in Combination with an online Connection using a process called SVM (Software Version Management). SVM is a system used by VW/Audi to flash update control modules, and in certain cases, to change their Coding, Adaptation and unlock Component Protection.

Even if you have a complete Auto-Scan saved prior to replacing the Airbag module and the replacement part number is EXACTLY the same we strongly recommend using SVM to code and unlock CP for liability reasons.

Security Access

  • Will appear in a pop-up balloon when connected to this controller with VCDS.

Basic Setting