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== ESP System Function Test ==
#REDIRECT [[ESP System Function Test]]
=== Notes ===
* The ESP road test serves to check the plausibility of the signals from the lateral acceleration sender, rotation rate sender and pressure sender.
* It should always be carried out after removing or replacing any parts of the ESP system.
* '''It is not possible to cancel the ESP road test after it has been started. The complete test procedure must be performed.'''
=== Pre-Conditions ===
* ABS Warning Light (K47) ON and ASR Indicator Light (K155) OFF.
* Engine RUNNING.
* Vehicle standing.
=== Instructions ===
* Press brake pedal firmly until the ASR Indicator Light (K155) goes On  -or-  a change in the lamp behavior has occurred.  A brake pressure of at least 35 bar needs to be reached for this.
* Start road test (Do this on an enclosed site or make sure to drive according to traffic regulations).
* Make a right turn, then a left turn (or vice versa). A rotation rate (turn rate) of ~10 °/s must be reached while driving these turns.
* The ABS Warning Light (K47) should now turn OFF.
* ''A common example for turns like this is driving turns with a radius of 10 to 12 meters (30 to 40 feet) with a speed of 15 to 30 kph (9 to 18 mph).''
* ''The ABS, EDS, ASR and ESP functions may NOT get activated during these test.''
* ''Doing other maneuvers between the turns should have no influence on the ESP System Function Test.''
==== Special Notes ====
* If the ASR Indicator Light (K155)light turns off but the ABS light stays on, then the test has timed out.  You must come to a complete stop and again press the brake pedal firmly until the ASR Indicator Light (K155)changes.
* Several customers have reported success by driving 10MPH (16KPH)in a straight line for 10 seconds, then turn the steering wheel almost 360 degrees (left or right) and do a complete circle.
* If you are having trouble getting the function test carried out [http://www.ross-tech.com/contact.html please contact us directly].

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