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P0556 - Brake Booster Pressure Sensor: Implausible Signal

Special Notes

  • When found in:
    • The NAR (North American market) market CZTA 1.4T Jetta:
      • Make sure the 01-Engine control module is up to date per TPI 2045383 (TSB 01-18-09) on M.Y. 2016 - 2017 vehicles.
      • Make sure the (V192) Brake system vacuum pump, (J57) Vacuum pump relay and fuse are OK. The 1.4L gasoline engine CZTA (AW0) from July 2015 uses fuses SB4 and SB16 but verify the car in question using the Official Factory Repair Information. Because Selective Output Tests and Basic Settings for those components are NOT supported by the ECU it will be necessary to diagnose those components manually.
    • The NAR market 2013 - 2016 Jetta Hybrid:
    • The RoW (Rest of World) CAVE 1.4L:
      • Make sure the 01-Engine control module using part number 03C 906 027 AR is up to date per TPI 2030355.