P1A58/006744 - NOx catalytic converter: Regeneration required

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P1A58/006744 - NOx catalytic converter: Regeneration required

Possible Causes

Possible Solutions

  • Perform "Regeneration for NOx Storage Catalytic Converter while Driving"
    • CJAA engine, use Adaptation Channel [018], follow VCDS instructions after Security Access
  • See Volkswagen Tech Tip (TT_01-19-07) for helpful regeneration tips. For the NAR 2009 - 2014 vehicles with the 2,0l CBEA, CJAA TDI engines. See the link below:

Special Notes

  • When found in following (see below) North American Audi and Volkswagen diesel vehicles, vehicle maybe part of the "VW Emissions Modification" and maybe covered under an extended warranty program.
    • Audi A3 - 2010 to 2013 (unconfirmed)
    • Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, Beetle - 2009 to 2014
    • Volkswagen Passat - 2015 (unconfirmed)
  • Usually found with the fault code P2BA6/01174 - NOx Exceedance - SCR NOx Catalyst Performance