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Every once in a while a new Model hits the Market and in some cases VCDS may have all the documentation for it or even not work with it at all. The following steps are intended to be used on such Models, if one of them doesn't work there is no need to worry - just let us know and we'll look into it.

Standard Auto-Scan

Most new Models these days do come with a Gateway that knows which other Modules are installed in the Car. Therefor the easiest way to check if one can get a connection would be to run a simple Auto-Scan by using the "Auto-Detect" Entry.

  • Start VCDS
  • [Auto-Scan]
  • Select Auto-Detect as Chassis Type
  • [Start] the Auto-Scan

Normally the Auto-Scan should start right away and after pulling the Gateway Installation List VCDS should go through the individual Models. If so, that is all for now - so once the Scan is finished you can send it to us and we will add the new Model to the official List.

If the Auto-Scan does NOT Start please proceed to the next Step Control Module Finder.

Control Module Finder

The Control Module Finder was originally used to find out which Control Modules may be installed. With the Introduction of CAN based Diagnostics it is not used very much anymore but still has it's uses in cases like this. During this Type of Scan VCDS will try ALL available addresses which can take a REALLY long Time so you better make sure a Battery Charger is connected or that the Engine is running.

  • Start VCDS
  • [Applications]
  • [Control Module Finder]
  • Leave all Settings at their Default Value.
  • [Start] the Control Module Finder Scan

Once the Scan is finished you can send it to us and we will take a closer look at the results. Depending on which comes up during the Scan we will try to get back to you ASAP.

Wiring Issues

With some Models which are not strictly VW/Audi we have seen cases where the Diagnostic Socket and one or more of the communication lines were wired differently. An example for that is the KTM X-Bow which has it's Diagnostic/Powertrain CAN wired to a different set of pins on the DLC. In order to figure out which pins are in use the best way would be to refer to the Wiring Diagram for that Model. Sadly those are not available in all cases, so it becomes a little more tricky. If you think this is the problem in your case, please contact us directly for further Information.