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1.4 What are the computer requirements?
A PC running Windows: We recommend at least a Pentium-100 (or AMD equivalent) with 16MB of RAM and Windows 95 or newer. VAG-COM may work on some lesser PC's, but anything less than the above recommendation is unsupported. Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, and XP are all fine. Available disk-space should be a non-issue; VAG-COM requires less than 10 MB. If you are using a power supply for a laptop, it should be one specifically designed for that purpose, NOT a "universal" adapter.

To use one of our Serial Interfaces, the PC must have an available RS-232 Serial port! Otherwise, you'll need to choose one of our USB Interfaces. A RS-232 Serial Port looks like this: Observe the port we surrounded with the GREEN oval. Notice the 9 MALE pins? That is a SERIAL port and WILL work! Observe the port circled and crossed in RED. Notice the 15 FEMALE pins? That is a MONITOR port and will NOT work!