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Important Note: This page is only relevant if you're using an older or 3rd-party "dumb" interface. All our current interfaces have the activation for VAG-COM stored in the interface itself.

5.1 How do I permanently move VAG-COM from one PC to another?
This also applies to reformatting your hard drive, installing new OS or performing other system overhauls:

  1. Download and Install the latest version of VAG-COM on your new PC.
  2. Test it to make sure it works properly on that machine. Contact us for support if you have any difficulties.
  3. Fill out the appropriate Registration Form using the serial number from the About screen and we'll send you a new Activation Code, subject to the following caveat:
  • You must provide us with a De-Activation code from a prior installation.
    • To generate a De-Activation Code, you need version 0.76 or newer on the old, previously activated machine. In other words, if you've got an older version on that machine, you may have to update it.
    • The best way to send the De-Activation code is to grab the DE-ACT.TXT file that is generated in the VAG-COM folder when you use the De-Activate button.

Additional notes: