VW Golf (1K) Door Electronics Driver

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This page applies to CAN Protocol Address 42- Door Elect, Driver found in (1K/5K/52) Mk5 and Mk6 Golf based vehicles using Generation 1 through Generation 3.

  • Make sure the vehicle you are working on uses the CAN Protocol, VCDS will display the protocol type in the upper left hand corner of the Open Controller Screen under the Comm Status.
  • The CAN Protocol modules this page applies to use Short Coding which consists of 7 digits. See example below.
  • The Generation can be confirmed by looking at the label file field. The following example is from a 3rd Generation (MIN3) module found in a 2009 Jetta:
Address 42: Door Elect, Driver        Labels: 1K0-959-701-MIN3.lbl
  Part No SW: 1K0 959 701 AC    HW: 1K0 959 793 N
  Component: J386  TUER-SG FT    1519  
  Coding: 0001205

Note: Mk6 Golf based models use the latest (UDS/ODX) protocol will be covered on another Wiki page.


The coding chart that appears in VCDS will apply to the Generation of the installed control module. The Short Coding is additive, meaning the sum of numbers that represent the installed equipment. This chart can be used as a general guide:

  • +0000001 = Rear Lid Remote Unlock Button (E233)
  • +0000002 = Ambient Mirror Illumination
  • +0000004 = Mirror Turn Signals
  • +0000008 = Interior Door Handle Illumination installed
  • +0000016 = Automatic Run active
  • +0000032 = Mirror Heater installed
  • +0000064 = Door Exit/Warning Light installed
  • +0000128 = 5-Door Chassis
  • +0000256 = Seat Memory installed
  • +0000512 = Right Hand Steering
  • +0001024 = Safe-Motor not installed
  • +0002048 = Pinch Protection inactive
  • +0004096 = Folding Mirrors installed (MY 2008+)


When a Generation 1 through Generation 3 module is replaced with the same type:

  • Run and save a complete Auto-Scan and save it prior to module removal. See the Online Manual Auto-Scan.
  • Code the new module with the Coding from the original module found in the Auto-Scan. Enter non-zero Workshop Code (WSC), Importer and Equipment numbers to prevent rejected coding and DTCs such as 01042.
  • Run all of the windows up/down to teach the Pinch Protection limit stops which resolves DTC: 00933
  • Clear fault codes verify all functions are working as per design.
  • Run and save a final Auto-Scan to confirm fault codes did not return.

When replacing a module with the latest Replacement 4th Generation door control type please see the Special Notes

Special Notes

ST?ID=44849 | ST?ID=59513 | ST?ID=52656 | ST?ID=60412