VW Golf (5K) Instrument Cluster

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Coding information is available while connected to the vehicle with VCDS using the [Long Coding Helper].


Service Reminder

Unlike previous models that used the [SRI Reset] function, the newer protocol UDS/ODX modules do not support conventional Adaptation Channels. The [SRI Reset] will not work and will result in a message like this:


To Reset the Service Reminder the procedure will need to be done manually:

[17 - Instruments]
[Adaptation - 10]
Choose "ESI: Resetting ESI" from the drop-down menu.
Choose Reset from the drop-down menu
[Do It!]
It may be necessary to cycle the key before the service warning is cleared.

Special Notes

  • If an Adaptation Error warning indicating that the control module is Uninitialized you must let VCDS write defaults to the WSC, Importer and Equipment numbers before the value can be changed. Click [Yes] followed by [Do It!]


  • Most North American vehicles with the UDS/ODX protocol instrument clusters have a "Reset" that can be accessed via the MFA, without a scan tool. Pictures here:
  1. Service Menu
  2. Service Reset
  3. Service Info