VW Jetta (AJ/16) Manual Heating/Air Conditioning

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This module does not support coding!

Basic Setting

  • The Manual Heating/Air Conditioning controller does not require a scan tool to perform the Basic Settings for the Activation of the A/C Compressor, please use the following instructions below.
    • Position the blower switch to the first or second speed
    • Position the air distribution control to 'Vent'
    • Position the interior temperature control to 'Cold', turn to the stop
    • Start the Vehicle's engine while in Park/Neutral
    • Simultaneously press/ hold the AC and Defrost buttons until the AC and recirculation buttons illuminate
    • Cycle the ignition and check for fault codes in the 08-Auto HVAC and proper HVAC system operation.

Special Notes

  • This procedure above, must be competed when:
    • The J301-Air conditioning system control unit is replaced.
    • The fault code 00898-005 will not clear.