VW Touareg (7L) Trunk Electronics

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This page applies to Address-6D: Trunk Elect.in the VW Touareg (7L6) with Component: J605 HECKKLAPPE. This can be identified by evaluating the data in the Auto-Scan:

Address 6D: Trunk Elect.        Labels: None
  Part No SW: 7L6 959 107 B    HW: 7L6 959 107 B
  Component: J605  HECKKLAPPE    1310  

Security Access

  • Security Access codes will appear when connected to the control module with VCDS.


  • This control module is Short coded.
  • When replacing this module save the original coding and transfer it to the new module.

Basic Setting

Rear Lid relearn


  • Rear Lid closed
  • No rear lid obstructions or damage to the vehicle
  • Battery voltage at least 12.0V
  • Vehicle is on a flat level surface

[6D-Trunk Elect.]
[Security Access - 16]
Enter 59107
[Do it!]
[Basic Settings - 04]
Group 001
The rear lid Basic Settings will now begin and the rear lid will now open. If the lid does not open use the [On/Off/Next] button.
[Done, Go Back]

  • When the rear lid has stopped, close the rear lid.
  • Check for fault codes, clear if needed.

[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]

  • Check for proper operation
  • Re-check for faults

Special Notes

NAR and RoW market TPIs exist for rear lid concerns with 6D part number modules when the rear lid is limited to 1/3 travel (31°):

  • 7L6 959 107 (all software levels)
  • 7L6 959 107 A (software level 1210)
    • RoW market TPI 2017458
    • NAR market TPI 2018695

After the flash update is completed address 6D should show part number 7L6 959 107 B @ software level: 1310

Internal use references: ST?ID=59047 -and- ST?ID=37245