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01516 - Terminal 30; Left

01516 - Terminal 30; Left: Open Circuit

Possible Solutions

  • Check Central Electronics (J519) Supply Voltage

Special Notes

  • When found in Mk6 Golf (PQ35) based models using a 09-Cent. Elect./BCM (J519) module that contains Component: PQ35 check the fuse that powers terminal T52a/a at J519. If the fuse is blown, fuse panel is melting (as per the next note) or Terminal 30 power is not getting to T52a/1 at J519 the vehicle will have this DTC in addition to numerous left side light bulb faults. Depending on the equipment of the vehicle components such asM1, M5, M4, M6, M9, M29, M30, M16, L46 and L22 may be powered via J519 on this Terminal 30 (Left) circuit.
  • When checking fuses, remove the fuse from the fuse block and visually inspect for hot spotting. This is an example of a damaged fuse panel causing a 00927 - Terminal 30 (Right) DTC:
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