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02915 - Sensor 2 for Trunk/Hatch Closed (G526)

02915 - Sensor 2 for Trunk/Hatch Closed (G526): Open or Short to Plus

Possible Symptoms

  • Tailgate open warning active on dash
  • Rear tailgate lamps not operating

Possible Causes

  • Hatch Closed switch G526 unplugged or faulty
  • Power or ground supply issue to Hatch Closed switch G526

Possible Solutions

  • Confirm connection issues are not present
  • Test/replace Hatch Closed switch G526

Special Notes

  • When found in the Audi Q5 or Audi Q7 after repairs in the rear of the vehicle verify the G525 and G526 sensors are plugged in. These can be found in the repair manual but the trim surrounding the striker for the rear hatch should contain both switches.
    • This fault is typically stored in conjunction with 02914 after trailer hitch retrofits and rear bumper repairs/removal.