VW Passat (3B)

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VW Passat (3B)
Source: Rudolf Stricker Wikipedia.gif
Manufacturer: Volkswagen AG
Chassis Code: 3B
Platform: VW45X
Model Years: 1997–2005
Model Years (US): 1998–2005
Predecessor: VW Passat (3A)
Successor: VW Passat (3C)
Interface Hardware
DLC Location

Through MY 2000 the DLC is located in the Center Console next to the Parking Brake under a Cover.
From MY 2001 the DLC is located in the Driver Footwell.

General Information about this Model can be found in the Wikipedia entry.

[01] - Engine

Gasoline Engines

Diesel Engines

[02] - Transmission

[03] - Brake Electronics

[08] - Heating/Air Conditioning

[15] - Airbag

[16] - Steering Wheel

[17] - Instrument Cluster

This model may use Immobilizer II or Immobilizer III.

[19] - CAN-Gateway

[35] - Central Locking

[36] - Seat Adjustment (Driver)

[37] - Navigation

[46] - Comfort System

[56] - Radio (Analog)

[57] - TV-Tuner

[75] - Telematics

[76] - Parking Aid

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