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00003 - Control Module

00003 - Control Module: Defective

Possible Causes

  • Control Module faulty
  • Control Module Software Issue

Possible Solutions

  • Check Control Module
    • Check for Control Module Software Update
  • Replace Control Module

Special Notes

  • When found in Radio OR Radio Navigation System, check Measuring Value Block (MVB) 025.1 for Details.
    • Measuring Value Block 025.1 (MVB) may not be supported by all Radios OR Radio Navigation Systems.
  • When found in Audi A8/S8 (4E): Audi A8 (4E) Brake Electronics, this Fault Code may have been stored after performing an Output Test in the Brake Electronics Control Module w/o following the proper Instructions. To clear this Fault Code, please perform/repeat the following Steps 3 (THREE) times:
    • Switch the Ignition OFF for 5 Seconds, then Switch it ON again.
    • Clear Fault Codes in Brake Electronics Control Module, then exit out of the Control Module.

00003 - Control Module: No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation

Possible Causes

  • Basic Setting(s) not performed

Possible Solutions

  • Perform Basic Setting(s)

Special Notes

Note most RoW (Rest of World) market Audi models support 3 total service related reset procedures. The Basic Oil Change, Time based and Distance based resets may need to be completed before 00003 - Control Module: No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation will clear.

Video Link

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