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02983 - Connection between Impedance Converter 1 and Window Antenna: Open Circuit

Special Notes

  • When found in Address 56-Radio check the wiring diagrams and component locators to see which aerial amplifiers are installed in the vehicle. If discrepancies are found it may be helpful to check the parts catalog as well.
  • When found in the Con3 Sirius system on a NAR market B8 (or similar MLB model) the following thread may be helpful: https://forums.ross-tech.com/index.php?threads/29888
    • In that case the repair information was NOT extremely helpful but the owner determined the car was only equipped with (left rear) R112 -and- it was faulty.
    • After VIN specific research related to the above vehicle we are of the impression that R111 (right rear) is only installed on European or Japanese market vehicles. If this is accurate that component may result in a DTC such as 02982 - Connection between Radio and Impedance Converter 2 - Open Circuit when faulty or disconnected.