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16985/P0601/001537 - Internal Control Module: Memory Check Sum Error

Possible Symptoms

  • MIL illuminated

Possible Causes

  • Engine Control Unit (ECU) defective
  • Flash ROM (used in aftermarket "chips") defective
  • Low Voltage

Possible Solutions

  • Replace ECU
  • Contact aftermarket chiptuner for repair of their chip
  • Check and test Battery and Charging system

Special Notes

  • When found in 1.8T:
  • When found in 2.0l TFSI (BPJ, BPY, BWA, BWJ, BYK), check/update Engine Control Module Software Version
    • Audi A3 (8P), A4 (8E/8H) or Audi A6 (4F):
      • North American Region (NAR): TSB 2017905/24-08-82
      • Rest of World (RoW): Campaign 24H8 (2013846) or TPI 2012760
    • Seat Altea (5P) or Leon (1P), see Campaign 24S1 (2014557).
    • Skoda Octavia (1Z), see Campaign 24K5 (2014942).
    • Volkswagen Models:
      • Rest of World (RoW): TPI 2014494
      • North American Region (NAR): TSB 2014077/01-09-18 or 24M2/O3 RVU (may be covered under warranty)
  • When found in Audi V8 and V10 FSI engines see TSBs:
    • Pass-Thru TSB # 24-08-31 (2017905/1)
    • Audi TSB # 24-08-82 (2017905/4)