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17978/P1570/005488 - Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer

Possible Symptoms

  • Engine starting but stalling immediately

Possible Causes

  • Key(s) not matched
  • Instrument Cluster not matched
  • Engine Control Unit (ECU) not matched
  • Engine Control Unit (ECU) Power Supply faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Check for Fault Codes in Immobilizer itself (part of Instrument Cluster in many cars, but separate Immobilizer Control Module in some)
  • Check Immobilizer Measuring Values (usually in Instrument Cluster OR Immobilizer Control Module)
  • Match Key(s)/Instrument Cluster/Engine Control Unit (ECU)
  • Check Engine Control Unit (ECU) Power Supply (Relay)

Special Notes

  • In case of Engine Starting Issues please make sure that you are really experience an Immobilizer related Problem! Even if the Immobilizer engages, the Engine will still start fine but cut out after 2-3 Seconds. If you are NOT experiencing this behavior (e.g. Engine doesn't start at all) your Problem is very likely NOT Immobilizer related.
  • May be stored in Combination with 01176 - Key: Signal too Low in Immobilizer Control Module.
  • If no other immobilizer related fault codes are stored and the immobilizer related meas. blocks are fine except Engine Start not allowed, on rare occasions it helps to try cold-booting the car. Remove both battery cables from the battery. Short the battery cables together (away from the battery) for about 15 seconds. Reconnect the battery. (Example)
  • Low battery voltage (including a faulty battery) may cause Immobilizer system malfunctions and testing should be done only with a known good battery installed.