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18447/P2015/008213 - Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor (Bank 1): Implausible Signal

Possible Symptoms

  • Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) ON
  • Power Loss

Possible Causes

  • Intake Manifold Flap faulty
  • Intake Manifold Flap Motor (V157) stuck/faulty
  • Engine Control Module Software/Firmware Version faulty
  • Wiring and/or Connector(s) from/to Intake Manifold Flap Motor (V157) faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Check Intake Manifold Flap
  • Check/Replace Intake Manifold Flap Motor (V157)
    • Perform Output Tests/Basic Setting
  • Check Wiring and/or Connector(s) from/to Intake Manifold Flap Motor (V157)

Special Notes

  • In some cases the issue is being resolved by replacing the whole intake manifold.
  • The V157 (Intake Flap Motor) and sensor G336 (Manifold Runner Position Sensor) are part of the same unit.
  • Verify you have the latest version of the V157 unit and ECM firmware.
    • VW (BRM 1.9L PD) TDI modules with the following SW (Software) part numbers are noted for issues:
  1. 03G-906-016-AB with internal firmware # 7328.
  2. 03G-906-016-AC with internal firmware # 7280.
  • The Firmware may also be referred to as the SWL (Software Level). This can be determined using VCDS by looking at the details in the Component field.