4-Speed Automatic Transmission (01M)

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The 01M and 01P transmissions are built on the same version of the 4-speed automatic transmission manufactured by VW.

General Information about this Transmission can be found in the Wikipedia entry. Additional information can be found in the Official Factory Repair Information and sources such as Bentley Publisher's SSP (Self-Study Program) .


  • 000?x: DSP Mode (Dynamic Shift Points)
    • 0 = DSP active
    • 1 = DSP inactive
  • 000x?: Transmission Mode
    • 0 = Factory Mode (Adaptive Transmission Mode)
    • 1 = Force Economy Mode (lower Shift Points)
    • 2 = Force Sport Mode (higher Shift Points)

Common Settings:

  • 00000 = Factory Mode
  • 00011 = Economy/Touring Mode
  • 00012 = Sport Mode

Basic Setting


  • No fault codes in the Auto Trans.
  • Throttle Body Alignment (TBA) performed successfully when applicable
  • Ignition on, engine off.
  • Do not touch the accelerator pedal.

[02 - Auto Trans]
[Basic Settings - 04]
Set Group to "000"
Press accelerator pedal all the way to the floor and hold for 3 to 5 seconds.
[Done, Go Back]
Release the accelerator pedal.

Special Notes

  • It is normal for there to be no explicit instructions or changes on the screen when you do the above procedure. The transmission controller does not provide any feedback that it has been successfully performed. Current versions of VCDS may display "Data for Group 000 Not Available" across the four fields. Checking the binary switching in measuring block group 001 field 4 should confirm a change when field 3 is between 95 - 100% pedal position.
  • If the pedal did not travel to the floor due to an obstructions such as too many floor mats the procedure may not be successful.
  • If faults are stored in the Engine or Transmission for throttle related problems, the procedure will not be successful.
  • When the 01M transmission is installed in a vehicle using the Drive-by-Wire (DBW) throttle system, the ECM (Engine Control Module) may support a Kick-Down Basic Settings as described here: Automatic Transmission Basic Settings.

General Notes

  • The 01M transmission has 3 speed sensors which are found in the repair manual however TSB 01-99-02 clearly describes the location and function of the sensors (G38/G68/G22).
  • Vehicles with (G38/G68) specific speed sensor faults may have applicable TSBs for overlay wiring harnesses.
    • Jetta and Golf (9M/1J) platforms would refer to TSB 01-07-09 for G68 faults and TSB 01-06-23 for G38 faults.
    • New Beetle (1C) platform would refer to TSB 01-07-17 for G68 faults and TSB 01-07-16 for G38 faults
  • The 01M transmission has a plastic speedometer drive gear inside the transmission which operates the driven gear connected to the G22 VSS sensor. When the transmission has internal failure of the drive gear the common concerns include inoperative cruise control and/or speedometer.