Audi A6 (4G/4H) Headlight Regulation Basic

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This page applies to Audi A4 (8K/FL) and A6/A7/A8 (4G/4H) Chassis vehicles with Headlight Regulation Basic LED headlights. This can be identified by evaluating the data in the Auto-Scan:

Address 55: Xenon Range (J431)       Labels: 8X0-907-357.clb
  Part No SW: 4H0 907 357 A    HW: 4H0 907 357 A
  Component: ....LWR12.... H02 0013  
  ASAM Dataset: EV_HeadlRegulBasic 005001
  ROD: EV_HeadlRegulBasic.rod



Security Access

  • Will appear in a pop-up balloon when connected to this controller.

Basic Setting

Headlight Adjustment


  • Vehicle must be parked on level ground and settled on its suspension

[55 - Xenon Range]
[Basic Settings - 04]
Select Basic headlamp setting from the drop-down menu.
[Go!] to activate the Basic Setting.

  • The meas. block field will show Running.
  • Adjust the headlights using their manual adjusting screws as referenced against a suitable aiming target.

[Stop] after any needed mechanical adjustments are completed.

Select Acknowledge basic setting
[Go!] to activate the Basic Setting.
The adjustment should now be learned.
[Done, Go Back]
Don't forget to check/clear fault codes afterwards.
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]