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'''[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]'''<br><br>
'''[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]'''<br><br>
This thread contains 8J chassis  [26-Auto Roof] data:
* https://www.ttforum.co.uk/threads/faq-mk2-roadster-convertible-measurement-blocks-fault-codes-adaptation.2019023/
Additional Output Tests on both right and left Flap Motors can be completed if needed:<br>
** Members of our Ross-Tech forum can post in this thread http://forums.ross-tech.com/showthread.php?14543-VCDS-Module-for-Audi-TT-Mk2-(8J)-Roadster-26-Auto-Roof-Group-Codes
'''[26 - Auto Roof]'''<br>
'''[Output Tests - 03]'''<br>
'''[Select]''' Selective Output Tests
'''[Choose]''' - Motor for Convertible Top Flap Left (V383) <br>
Wait until the Flap has open and closed, <br> '''[Choose]''' - Motor for Convertible Top Flap Right (V381)<br>
Wait until the Flap has open and closed, then
'''Operate''' the Convertible Top 3 times, Open/close = 1 time, do this 2 more times.
'''[Done, Go Back]'''<br>
'''[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]'''<br><br>
Check Measuring Value Blocks Group 008 to verify correct values of the Flap Motors.
'''Important Note:'''
* You must operate the Convertible Top before exiting the Output Tests Window.
* If you do not operate the Top, the adaption of the flaps will not be learnt!

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Not Applicable


When performing repairs/replacement of the Flap Motors it will be necessary to perform the Adaption of the Flap Motors.

Ref: TSB 61-09-02 or 2018777 for NAR (North American Region) vehicles.
The faults associated with the bulletins include: 02000, 03246, and 03247.

After diagnosis and repairs per TPI 2015779 (Convertible top adjustment options) perform the following Output Test:

[26 - Auto Roof]
[Output Tests - 03]
[Select] Selective Output Tests
[Choose]Convertible Top Flap Initialisation
Operate the Convertible Top throughout a complete Open/Close sequence BEFORE exiting the Output Test function.
[Done, Go Back]
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]

This thread contains 8J chassis [26-Auto Roof] data: