Cruise Control Retrofitting (7H)

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Central Electronics Control Module

There are 2 Types of Body Control Modules (BCM/J519), only 1 of them supports Cruise Control. The installed Type can easily be determined by the Control Module Part Number. Higher equipped Types always include the Options from the lower equipped ones.

  • Basis
    • Part Numbers: 7H0-937-049-J, 7H0-937-049-N, 7H0-937-049-AC
  • Medium/High
    • Part Numbers: 7H0-937-049-F, 7H0-937-049-K, 7H0-937-049-L, 7H0-937-049-P, 7H0-937-049-Q, 7H0-937-049-T, 7H0-937-049-AA, 7H0-937-049-AD, 7H0-937-049-AE
    • Supported Features: Cruise Control System (CCS)

If your Part Number is not listed here you can check Connector F (T6c) of the Control Module. The Pins 3, 4, 5, 6 should be available, if this is not the Case (and for example you can only find one of those Pins) you can assume that the installed Control Module does not support Cruise Control System (CCS). Please let us know about your findings so we can enhance our list above. Thanks!

Installation & Wiring

  • Install proper Cruise Control Switch/Lever
  • Add the Wiring from Cruise Control Switch/Lever to Central Electronics Control Module (J519)
  • Add the Wiring from Cruise Control Switch/Lever to Fuse Box/Engine Control Module

Additional Information can be found in the Repair Manuals, the Wiring Diagrams, the Parts Catalog and/or the Instructions included in the Retrofitting Kit.


The following Activations are necessary to ensure that the newly fitted parts are properly recognized and are ready to use.

  • Update the Engine Control Module (J623 / #01) Coding.
    • Make sure that the Engine is NOT running, otherwise the new Coding will be rejected. Models equipped with Start/Stop System do have a Shutoff Switch/Button which will deactivate the Start/Stop Function.
    • As a Rule of Thumb, if the Engine Control Module uses a Short Coding the Activation is being done using Coding-II. If the Engine Control Module uses a Long Coding the Activation is done in (Long) Coding itself. Please also note that there are different Coding Variants for Long Coding.
    • Due to different Control Modules and Equipment in the Car the actual Coding Table is not shown here but will automatically be used by the Long Coding Assistant once you access the Function using VCDS.

Also see this page for an explanation of CCS activation: Checking Cruise Control using Measuring Values

If you are having trouble finding/calculating the proper Coding using the Long Coding Assist please Contact us directly. Make sure to include a complete Diagnostic Protocol (Auto-Scan) from the Car and state which steps/work you have performed yet.