Cruise Control Retrofitting (9N)

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Central Electronics Control Module

There are 3 Types of Central Electronic Control Modules (J519 / #09), only 2 of them support Cruise Control. The installed Type can easily be determined by the Control Module Part Number. Higher equipped Types always include the Options from the lower equipped ones.

  • Basis
    • Part Numbers: 6Q2-937-049-***
  • Medium
    • Part Numbers: 6Q1-937-049-***
    • Supported Features: Cruise Control System (CCS), Heated Front Window
  • High
    • Part Numbers: 6Q0-937-049-***
    • Supported Features: Automatic Transmission (Shift Lock),

Engine Control Module

Some Engines were never available with Cruise Control from Factory but may still support the Configuration/Activation. The following List contains some of those Exceptions and if they support Cruise Control or not. Engines NOT listed here are assumed to support Cruise Control, exceptions may exist. ;-)

  • 1.2l MPI AWY (47 kW / Simos 3PD)
    • Cruise Control NOT supported, this Function was never available from Factory!
    • The Control Module MAY accept the Activation but will not Function!
  • 1.2l MPI BBM (44 kW / Simos 9.1)
    • Cruise Control supported even though this Function was never available from Factory!

Installation & Wiring

Please refer to Repair Manuals, Wiring Diagram, Parts Catalog and/or the Instructions included in the Retrofitting Kit for Details.


The following Activations are necessary to ensure that the newly fitted parts are properly recognized and are ready to use.

  • Update the Engine Control Module (J623 / #01) Login/Coding-2
    • Due to different Control Modules and Equipment in the Car the actual Login/Coding-2 Table is not shown here but will automatically be shown once you access the Function using VCDS.

If you are having trouble with the Configuration/Activation please Contact us directly. Make sure to include a complete Diagnostic Protocol (Auto-Scan) from the Car and state which steps/work you have performed yet.