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This chart shows the functions currently supported by each of our software products, as compared to the factory scan tools. Keep in mind that not all controllers in all cars will support all functions so please refer to the Factory Repair Manual for each vehicle to determine what should be supported. Also some functions (such as Advanced Measuring Values) may only work with supporting documentation which may not be exist for some modules at the present time. Some UDS functions require supporting documentation for VCDS-Mobile that requires a cloud connection at least once. Click on each of the links in the chart for more information including known limitations.

Function Chart
VAS/ODIS VCDS-Lite Shareware VCDS Full Version VCDS-Mobile
Factory scan tools
Function Number / Name
$0 - $99
Non-dongle/3rd Party Interfaces

$199 - $699




Platform Windows PC Windows PC Windows PC

or Smart Devices

00 AutoScan Registered Version Only Yes Yes
01 Control Unit Info Yes Yes Yes
02 Read Fault Codes Limited unless Registered Yes Yes
03 Output Tests Registered Version Only Yes Yes
via Cloud
Selective Output Tests No Yes Yes
via Cloud
04 Basic Settings Registered Version Only Yes Yes
via Cloud
05 Clear Fault Codes Yes Yes Yes
06 Close Controller Yes Yes Yes
07 Code Module Yes Yes Yes
via Cloud
Code Slave Modules No Yes Yes
via Cloud
08 Measuring Blocks Limited unless Registered Yes Yes, via
Advanced Measuring Values
Advanced Measuring Values No Yes Yes
09 Single Reading Yes Yes TBD
10 Adaptation Limited unless registered Yes Yes
via Cloud
11 Login / Coding II Yes Yes Yes
via Cloud
15 View Readiness Yes Yes TBD
Guided Readiness Scripts No Yes Planned
16 Security Access Registered Version Only Yes Yes
via Cloud
18 Supported Codes No Yes TBD
33 Generic OBD-II No Yes TBD
18 Freeze-Frame Data Registered Version Only Yes Yes
Dual K-Line Support Yes Yes Yes
7-Digit PINs (VAS only) Registered Version Only Yes TBD
Code Database Up to Date Current through ~2006 Yes Yes
Diagnostics via CAN No Yes
(with CAN Interface)
Transport Mode No Yes Planned
Support for Dual ECUs No Yes Yes
Data Logging Limited unless registered Yes Yes
HighSpeed DataLogging
(Factory tools cannot do this!)
No Yes TBD
Real-Time Graphs
(Factory tools cannot do this!)
Limited unless registered Yes Yes
Real-Time Gauges
(Factory tools cannot do this!)
Limited unless registered Yes Yes
Graphic TDI Timing Checker
(Factory tools cannot do this!)
Registered Version Only
Not for V6 TDI
Control Module Finder
(Factory tools cannot do this!)
Yes Yes TBD
Automated Service Reset (SRI) No Yes Planned
ECU Mileage Checker
(Many EDC-15/16 ECUs)
No Yes Planned
Controller Channel Maps No Yes TBD
Wireless Connection via WiFi No Yes
with HEX-NET
Installation List No Yes Planned
LT3/Crafter Support No Yes
Optical Bus Diagnostics No Yes
HEX-NET or HEX-V2 required for UDS protocol

"Planned" = We plan to add this function but it is not currently available.
"TBD" = To Be Determined, since we are still evaluating the incorporation of this function.