Immobilizer III Key Matching (Cluster)

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This procedure details how to match new keys to VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda vehicles with Immobilizer III.

Determining IMMO-ID & VIN

[17 - Instruments] or in vehicles with separate Immobilizer [25 - Immobilizer]
“Look at the first "Extra" field. If you see something like: Immo-ID VWZ7Z0W0648696" then you've got Immo-II (or maybe even Immo-1 in earlier non-US models).If you see something like WVZKB58001H231169 VWZ7Z0W0648696 then you've got Immo-III. The first 17-digit string is the VIN. The second 14-digit string in the Immo-ID. “
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]


[25 - Immobilizer]
[Meas. Blocks - 08]
Select Block 081.
The first 17-digit string is the VIN. The second 14-digit string in the Immo-ID..
[Done, Go Back]
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]

Key Matching


  • While adapting each key, make sure to place the other keys away from the ignition lock (reader coil). The passenger seat is an adequate place.
  • Battery voltage at least 12.5 V.

[Select] [17 - Instruments] Write down the 14 digit Immobilizer ID number from the "Extra" field

Take that ID number to your dealer and request your seven-digit SKC, along with the workshop code and importer number (all this information can be found in the upper-right corner of the Administration screen of the dealer's VAS 5051). Additional information about how to find the WSC and Importer Number can be found here.

Measure the car's battery voltage, it must be 12.5 V or higher.

You can check to make sure a key has the correct electronics in it so that it can be matched to the Immobilizer by: [Select] [17 - Instruments] [Meas. Blocks - 08] Group 022 [Go!] The value in field 3 must be 1. If value is not 1, the key is not capable of being adapted to Immobilizer. You can check each key in this manner.

[Select] [17 - Instruments] [Meas. Blocks - 08] Group 024 [Go!] Any numbers displayed in fields 1-4 represent the time in minutes that must be counted down before the Immobilizer is unlocked. If the fields are all zero, skip to step 6. If the Immobilizer is locked: [Done, Go Back] [Close Controller, Go Back - 06] Do not switch off the ignition! Allow the car to sit for AT LEAST the number of minutes that were indicated by the display in Group 024

[Select] [17 - Instruments] [Meas. Blocks - 08] Group 024 [Go!] Make sure all fields are zero. [Done, Go Back]

[Login - 11] [Use 7-digit PIN/SKC] Enter the 7-digit PIN, Date on which the PIN was generated by the dealer, along with the Workshop Code (WSC) and the Importer number of the dealer that generated the code. [OK]

VAG-COM will validate the data you have entered and return you to the Login screen, where the Login Code will show as "XXXXX". [Do It!]

[Adaptation - 10] Enter 21 in "Channel Number" [Read] The "Stored Value" is the number of keys currently matched. Enter "new value" of 0 [Save] This clears out the old key-matchings. Enter a "new value" corresponding to the total number of keys to be matched, including any existing keys [Save]

[Done, Go Back] [Close Controller, Go Back - 06] Switch ignition off and remove key

Insert next key to ignition and switch ignition on again The warning light for the Immobilizer will light up for ~2 seconds, then go out Switch ignition off and remove key

Repeat step 11 with each key until all keys have been matched.