MLB based Central Conv. (J393) BCM2

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This page applies to Address 46-Central Conv. in MLB based models such as the VW Touareg (7P/BP) and Audi A4 (8K), A5 (8T), Q5 (8R) in addition to the A6/A7/A8 (4G/4H) models with J393 Component: BCM2 1.1 and BCM2 2.0. This page does NOT apply to MLBevo models using Component BCM2 MLBevo.

The installed BCM2 can be identified by evaluating the data in the Auto-Scan:

Address 46: Central Conv. (J393)       Labels: 8K0-907-064-46.clb
    Part No SW: 8K0 907 064 DG    HW: 8K0 907 064 DG
    Component: BCM2 1.1      H02 0321
Address 46: Central Conv. (J393)       Labels:. 4H0-907-064-46.clb
   Part No SW: 4H0 907 064 BR    HW: 4H0 907 064 BR
   Component: BCM2 2.0      H31 0330  


This control module is the Immobilizer (KESSY) and it uses Address words 05- Acc/Start Auth. (J393) in addition to Address 46-Central Conv. (J393). Replacement of this control modules will result in Immobilizer problems in addition to Component Protection (CP) DTCs which cannot be resolved using VCDS. See the Replacement section below.


Coding information is available while connected to the vehicle with VCDS using the Long Coding Helper. It is strongly recommended to save a complete Auto-Scan prior to any coding modification.


Documented Adaptation channels are available in the form of a drop-down menu when connected to the vehicle with VCDS.

Security access

Security access codes will appear in the form of a pop-up balloon.

  • Special note: Address 46 controls the rear lighting via Adaptation channels. It is strongly recommended to create Adaptation function Control Module Maps prior to any modifications that require a Security Access code! Make sure to enter the needed security access code when creating the baseline map prior to changes.

Basic Settings

Depending on the vehicle equipment the following Basic Settings may apply:

  • Sliding Roof Basic Setting
  • Rear Sliding Roof Basic Setting (J392)
  • Roof Shades Basic Setting
  • Rear Roof Shades Basic Setting (J867)

Each of those operations will appear in the forum of a drop-down menu when applicable.


Immobilizer component matching and Component Protection can only be learned/disabled using the Factory Tool in Combination with an online Connection with GeKo access. This can be completed online at the dealer or by using a Pass-Thru (J2534) device per the notes on our Official Factory Repair Information page.