Navigation System (RNS510) Retrofitting

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The Gateway (aka. Diagnostic Interface for Databus OR CAN-Gateway) is responsible for passing Messages from one Control Module to another, older versions of the Gateways were not compatible and caused the Databus to stay active even with the Ignition turned OFF which resulted in excessive Battery Draw and failure. To identify if your Gateway is compatible, check the (Software) Part Number and the Software Version of the Control Module shown in the Identification provided by VCDS (for example in an Auto-Scan).

Address 19: CAN Gateway        Labels: 1K0-907-530.lbl
Part No SW: 1K0 907 530 K    HW: 1K0 907 951 
Component: J533__Gateway   H12 0178  

In this Example the Software Part Number is 1K0-907-530-K and the Software Version is 0178, now check the following List if your Gateway is considered NOT compatible - all part numbers NOT listed here can be considered compatible.

Control Module Part Number Software Version Compatible Notes
1K0-907-530-A 0020 No Update available
1K0-907-530-B 0050/0070 No Update available
1K0-907-530-C 0080 No Update available
1K0-907-530-D 0100 No Update available
1K0-907-530-E 0110 No Update available
1K0-907-530-F 0120 No Update available
1K0-907-530-G 0130/0140 No Update available
1K0-907-530-H 0150 No Update available
1K0-907-530-J 0160 No Update available
1K0-907-530-K 0021 No Replacement only
1K0-907-530-K 0170 No Update available
1K0-907-530-K 0178 Yes -
1K0-907-530-P 0191/0192 No Replacement only

All Modules which Part Number has not been listed in the Table above are considered to be compatible. Those Part Numbers & Software Versions listed with the Note "Update available" can be updated to 1K0-907-530-K @ 0178, this often saves Money/Work which a Replacement of the Module would cause. The Update is NOT available in the US, all Rest of World VW (see TPI 2017949, 2018155, 2022606), Seat and Skoda Dealers should have access to it.

Digital Radio

US Models often have a pre-installed Sirius or XM Digital Radio (R146 / #0F) which may cause Trouble in Combination with a US RNS510 that also comes with the Digital Radio Functionality. To ensure that the newly installed RNS510 doesn't interfere with a pre-installed Digital Radio please make sure to remove/disconnect the Digital Radio Control Module - all the Functionality provided by it will now be provided by the RNS510 (assuming you are installing a US spec RNS510). This section does ONLY apply to Cars produced for the North American Region (NAR), meaning the USA and Canada.


US Models often have a Position Sensing or Compass Control Module (J603 / #1C) which is responsible for sending the Compass Information to the Instrument Cluster if not Navigation System is installed. To ensure that the newly installed RNS510 doesn't interfere with a pre-installed Compass Module please make sure to remove/disconnect the Compass Module - all the Functionality provided by it will now be provided by the RNS510. This section does ONLY apply to Cars produced for the North American Region (NAR), meaning the USA and Canada.

Optical Parking Aid

Optical Parking Aid is only supported in cars that have the Parking Aid Control Module (J446) connected to the CAN-Powertrain. You can identify these by checking which address number they use for Diagnostics. Older modules connected to CAN-Comfort are accessed at Address [76-Park Assist]. Newer modules connected to CAN-Powertrain are accessed at Address [10 - Park/Steer Assist]. An exception to the above would be the Skoda Octavia (1Z) pre-Facelift models with a Skoda Stream or Audience Radio (these may have had the Optical Parking Aid from the factory in combination with the older modules on CAN-Comfort). Another exception is the RNS510/Columbus, which does NOT support Optical Parking Aid in combination with a module connected to CAN-Comfort (there are reports that Swapping and Re-Wiring the Parking Aid Modules is possible but we do not have further details on this subject). This section is mostly relevant to the Skoda Octavia (1Z) Models prior to the 2009/2010 Facelift.

Installation & Wiring

Additional Information can be found in the Repair Manuals, the Wiring Diagrams, the Parts Catalog and/or the Instructions included in the Retrofitting Kit. In addition a very nice How-To can be found at TDI-Club, it covers the mechanical, electrical and diagnostic steps as well.


The following Activations are necessary to ensure that the newly fitted parts are properly recognized and are ready to use.

  • Update the Installation List in the Gateway (J533 / #19).
    • Register the newly added 37 - Navigation Control Module, in case you had a Navigation System installed before the Retrofit this step may not be necessary. Address 56 - Radio should also be activated in case there was no Radio installed prior to the Retrofit.
    • If the vehicle had a factory installed 0F - Radio (Digital) module it will need to be removed from the Gateway installation list and unplugged/removed from the vehicle.
  • Update the Navigation System (J506 / #37) Coding.
    • Due to different Control Modules and Equipment in the Car the actual Coding Table is not shown here but will automatically be used by the Long Coding Assistant once you access the Function using VCDS.
    • Make sure to enter a Plausible WorkShopCode (WSC) like 12345-123-12345 on the Coding Screen. New or reflashed RNS510 units may have a WSC 00000-000-00000 stored which results in a 01042 - Control Module Not Coded Fault Code that will only clear of the WSC used for Coding the Module is NOT 00000-000-00000.

If you are having trouble finding/calculating the proper Coding using the Long Coding Assist please Contact us directly. Make sure to include a complete Diagnostic Protocol (Auto-Scan) from the Car and state which steps/work you have performed yet.