OEM Replacement Parts

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Each vehicle is manufactured and assembled using parts that meet factory specifications. It's possible to find replacement parts that are non-factory yet meet the same specifications. If you do that, it is your responsibility to ensure that the parts meet the same specifications. In general, we can only help with factory repair procedures using genuine factory parts obtained from the parts department of an authorized VW/Audi/etc. dealer. We have received numerous reports from customers that aftermarket parts claiming to be name brand (Bosch, etc.) are not actually the same parts used by the factory.

Some examples of this:

  • Lift Pumps (intank pump) on A4 Audi 2.0T
  • MAF sensors
  • O2 sensors
  • Camshaft Adjuster units

These are some common items that customers have correctly diagnosed as being bad, but they purchased the replacements from 3rd party warehouses instead of the dealer and did not fix the issue. Once factory parts from the dealer were installed, the issue(s) were resolved.