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P2755 - Transmission Fluid Cooler Control Circuit High

Possible Symptoms

  • Reduced heat output
  • Stalling, no-start, no communication to control module(s)

Possible Causes

  • N82, N509, or N488 faulty
  • Wiring or power supply to/from N82, N509, or N488 faulty

Possible Solutions

  • Check N82, N509, or N488
  • Check for applicable recalls or TPIs related to N82 failure resulting in coolant migration thorough the N82 solenoid connector resting in destroyed wiring harness(es)

Special Notes

  • This page contains a photo from a CHHB 2.0T Mk7 Golf after N82 and harness failure: P1888
  • The following pages contains a photos from a CDRA (4H) 4.2L A8L after N82 damaged the entire wiring harness:
    • 2 pin connector
    • 14 pin connector
    • That vehicle had P2755 stored in the TCM in conjunction with intermittent rough running and stalling concerns and various system too Rich fuel trim engine DTCs.
  • When found in any number of 2011-2013 model year vehicles make sure to check for open recalls and TPIs for noted issues. These are just a few documents that were published: