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P310B/012555 - Low Pressure Fuel regulation: Fuel Pressure Outside Specification

Possible Symptoms

  • MIL On
  • Reduced power

Possible Causes

  • Faulty Fuel Pressure Sensor (G410)
  • Wiring Harness for Fuel Pressure Sensor (G410)

Possible Solutions

  • Replace Fuel Pressure Sensor (G410)
  • Repair Damaged Wiring

Special Notes

  1. When found in VW "FSI" Direct Injection engines, may also have DTC P129F/004767. Can be caused by a faulty G410 sensor. See TSB 01-07-69 or 01-11-11 (TPI 2016182) for more information on testing and updated part numbers.
  2. When found in VW "FSI" Direct Injection engines, may also have DTCs P129F, P008B, P129E, P008A, P2540 and/or P0087. See TSB 01-11-28 (TPI 2027458) for information which is similar to the first noted TSB.
    • The G410 Fuel Pressure Sensor has a VW Warranty Extension in the US market due to premature failure. Regardless of the vehicle brand, contact the local dealer with the full VIN to see if warranty extensions, recalls or RVU (required vehicle updates) apply.
  • When found on Direct Injection engines, such as the 2.0T, in combination with system too lean or similar faults indicating a vacuum leak address the cause of those first. Common fault codes are found here