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1.13 Is there anything else I need to make full use of VAG-COM? Yes. A good Factory Repair Manual containing the the VAG Scan-Tool procedures for your car. VAG-COM is a tool, not an on-line service manual. We could not possibly document everything you can do with it in every year and model of VW/Audi that VAG-COM can be used with.
For US and Canadian VW and Audi models, the best source are the Official Factory Repair Manuals by Robert Bentley Publishers. Please note that Bentley also has some publications called "Service Manuals". These tend to be less complete than the Official Factory Repair manuals and are not recommended for use with VAG-COM.
Since the above Bentley Factory information only applies to US/Canadian vehicles, if your car is European-spec or from the rest of the World, they may be of little use to you.
For Rest-of-World VW, Audi, and SEAT manuals, check
For Rest-of-World Skoda manuals, check (currently German-only)