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1.9 Will there be a Windows-CE/PocketPC/WindowsMobile or Palm-OS version?
Possibly at some point in the future, but we don't have a timetable yet. We conducted a poll of current and potential VAG-COM users about where we should concentrate development efforts. The results:

  • 75 % Improving and adding features to the Windows version
  • 11 % Porting VAG-COM to Windows CE / PocketPC
  • 9 % Porting VAG-COM to Palm
  • 3 % Porting VAG-COM to LINUX
  • 2 % Porting VAG-COM to Macintosh

Some of our customers use VAG-COM on a tablet PC such as a Fujitsu Stylistic or on an ultra-portable PC such as a Toshiba Libretto. These can be purchased inexpensively on auction sites. These REAL PC's work wonderfully and have very small form factors (the Libretto is about the size of a VHS video cassette).