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2.4 Why can't I get VAG-COM to communicate at all?
Check the following:

  • Is the adapter plugged into the car? An Serial Interface that is not plugged into the car will always be "Not Found". It gets power from the car!
  • Is the car's ignition switch in the ON position?
  • Is it plugged into the correct serial port? Some PC's have the ports mis-labeled.
  • Are the serial ports on your PC properly configured?
  • Disable Palm HotSync or Microsoft ActiveSync software!
  • If you have a 1997 or newer car with an aftermarket radio or if you have used your ISO-COM Interface on a car with an aftermarket radio, read this page.
  • Check our Issues page for any special configuration settings that may be necessary for your vehicle
  • If you are using a power supply for a laptop, it should be one specifically designed for that purpose, NOT a "universal" adapter..
  • Note: If you test the COM port, but an hourglass appears, you may have an IRQ conflict. This may not show up in Device Manager as a conflict. But, try this:
    • Start>Run>MSINFO32.EXE to bring up the System Information utility.
    • Go to Hardware Resources>IRQs This should show a list of all devices by their IRQ, so you can see if there are any repeated or shared IRQs.

If all else fails, feel free to call or email us, making sure to provide the brand and model of vehicle, brand and model of PC, and version of VAG-COM.