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3.2 Can I use an Interface adapter that came with another software package?
The current version of VAG-COM (versions 500.x and newer) are not compatible with 3rd party interfaces at all, even in shareware mode. To use the latest version of VAG-COM, you need to use a genuine KEY or HEX Interface purchased directly from Ross-Tech or from one of our distributors.
Any interface adapter works with VWTool or VDS-PRO should work with Release 311.2 or older versions of VAG-COM. In addition, the ISO-only interface adapter that Alex Peper ships with his Vehicle Explorer OBD-II software package will work. Alex's "combination" adapters will not work with VAG-COM. Most other "OBD-II" adapters will not work. Lastly, the interface adapters supplied with the German Posicon software that many VW and Audi OTS's have access to will work. The VAS-6103 cable that should now be in the workshop at every VW/Audi dealership works with most control modules in most cars, but won't work with some ECUs. If you have some other adapter, simply try it, you can't hurt anything. Of course, if you have difficulties using VAG-COM with that adapter, you'll need to contact the hardware supplier for support.