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4.15 How do I obtain an SKC for Immobilizer and Key-Matching functions?
We do not know of any way to retrieve an SKC for VW/Audi/SEAT/Skoda vehicles other than getting it from an official dealership. Prior to 2002, some vehicles were delivered with a scratch-off panel on a plastic tag, details on using that 4-digit SKC can be found here. Starting in 2002, dealerships implemented the WIN2 system to provide SKC's to their technicians and customers, details on using that 7-digit SKC can be found here. Recently, VW/Audi dealerships have switched to the new GEKO system, whereby their factory scan tools dial up the factory while connected to a car. Under this system, the technician no longer sees the SKC at all and you will need to bring your vehicle into the dealer to have Immobilizer work performed. VAG-COM does not interact with the GEKO system.