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5.2 What's the De-Activate button for? Why would I want to do that?

   Two reasons:
         To move your activated copy of VAG-COM permanently from one PC to another.  See the previous question.
         Some things you might want to do to your PC will kill the Activation.  If you're going to re-install Windows or update to different version of Windows, re-format or re-partition, or replace your hard drive, then you're going to loose your Activation anyway, and you'll need to ask us for a new activation code when you're done.   Sometimes we can tell from the Serial Number that you're requesting a new activation for the same PC.  Sometimes we can't.  It depends on exactly what you've changed.   Now you can always get a new Activation with no questions asked IF you are a registered Ross-Tech  customer and you supply proof of de-activation from a previous installation.   So if you're about to undertake surgery on your PC, please use the De-Activate function first.   
   To De-Activate, simply go to the About Screen and press the Register/Activate/Transfer button. Next you will see a button labeled as "De-Activate". Press the De-Activate Button. Doing so will generate a "Proof of De-Activation" code which you can copy and paste into the appropriate Registration Form using the serial number from the About screen. The "Proof of De-Activation" code is also written to a file called DE-ACT.TXT which you can easily put on a floppy disk for safe keeping.
   Note:  A De-Activation code cannot be used to activate a new installation of VAG-COM!   You must fill out the appropriate Registration Form to receive a new Activation Code.