VW Passat (3C) Immobilizer

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This model uses Immobilizer Generation 4D which is integrated as part of the Comfort Control Module (J393). At the present time VCDS can only provide limited support for this Immobilizer Generation Unless you ALREADY have the SKC information for your vehicle and components then you will NOT be able to do any of the Immobilizer functions.

Immobilizer related work on this specific Model may be quite complicated, please make sure you have read and understood the additional Information which can be found in the Manufacturer Documentation:

  • Rest of World (RoW):
    • General Information on Immobilizer related Procedures for this Model, see TPI 2018893
    • Electronic Steering Column Lock (J764) Replacement, see TPI 2022458
  • North American Region (NAR):
    • Comfort System Central Control Module (J393) Replacement, see TSB 96-08-07 (2017731, superseded 96-08-03)
    • Immobilizer/Remote Control Key Replacement, see TSB 57-08-11 (2017087, superseded 57-08-01)
    • Electronic Steering Column Lock (J764) Replacement, see TSB 96-09-01 (2016689, superseded 96-08-08)

Note: The following sections are not available yet, if you happen to have the PIN/SKC and all other necessary Details for the Vehicle in question and need Instructions on how to proceed, please contact us directly.

Engine Control Unit (J623) Replacement

  • Currently not supported by VCDS.

Comfort Control Module (J393) Replacement

  • Currently not supported by VCDS.

Immobilizer/Remote Control Key Matching/Replacement

  • Supported by VCDS. Proper PIN/SKC and pre-programmed Keys (e.g. ordered via VW Dealer) are required.
  • See Immobilizer IV Key Matching for Details.

Electronic Steering Column Lock (J764) Replacement

  • If you DO have the PIN/SKC for the Vehicle, please contact us directly with a complete AutoScan from the vehicle for further Information.