VW Passat (3C) Trunk Electronics

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This page applies to Address-6D: Trunk Elect.in the VW Passat (3C) Wagon with Component: J605 HECKDECKEL. This can be identified by evaluating the data in the Auto-Scan:

Address 6D: Trunk Elect.        Labels: None
    Part No SW: 3C9 827 383 B    HW: 3C9 827 383 E
    Component: J605  HECKDECKEL    0600
    Revision: 00H21001

    Subsystem 1 - Part No: 3C9 827 384 B
    Component: J756  HECKDECKEL    0600

    Subsystem 2 - Serial number:


  • This control module does not support Coding.

Special Notes

This thread may be helpful if the top stop of the tailgate cannot be adjusted properly using the General Information below: Powered Tailgate minor issue

General Information

A scan tool is not used for the following operations and fault codes are NOT generally stored when they are necessary.

  • When replacing the master (J605) or slave (J756) control module with integrated motors it may be necessary to initialize the new parts. Hold the exterior hatch button in addition to the hatch closing button in the rear hatch trim for 5 seconds. The comfort system should confirm the learning completed by flashing the lights or beeping the siren.
  • When adapting the opening height (top stop) of the hatch raise the lid to the desired height followed by holding hatch closing button in the rear hatch trim for 5 - 10 seconds. After doing so the Comfort system should confirm the learning completed by flashing the lights.
  • If the power close function is not working when power opening works properly check the luggage compartment light (W3) functionality. If W3 is not operating properly check the powers and grounds to the light in addition to measuring block data for the F5/F256/V254 rear latch motor assembly. A failed W3 light assembly may be responsible for feedback however rear latch motor/micro-switch failure isn't unheard of.
    • The factory level Comfort System wiring diagram will clarify the relationship of the above mentioned components.

Internal ref: ST?ID=67792