Audi A3/S3 (8V/FF)

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This page will have information about the MQB 8V/FF A3/S3.

Audi A3
Source: Ross-Tech, LLC
Manufacturer: Audi AG
Chassis Code: 8V / FF
Platform: AU37X
Model Years: from 2013
Model Years (US): from 2015
Predecessor: Audi A3/S3 & A3 Cabriolet (8P)
Successor: -
Interface Hardware
All model years HEX-V2, HEX-NET

Limited 2013-2016 coverage HEX+CAN, Micro-CAN''

DLC Location

The DLC is located in the Driver Footwell.


[01] - Engine

[02] - Auto Trans

[03] - ABS Brakes

  • Basic Setting
    • 5Q0-907-379-IPB-V1.clb
    • EV_Brake1UDSContiMK100IPB_VW37

[05] - Access/Start Authorization

[08] - Auto HVAC

[09] - Cent. Elect.

Note: Before making ANY changes, you should run and Save a controller channel map of Adaptation in address 09. Control_Module_Maps

[15] - Airbags

[16] - Steering Wheel

[17] - Instrument Cluster

[19] - CAN Gateway

[2B] - Steering Column Lock

[42] - Door Elect, Driver

[44] - Steering Assist

[52] - Door Elect, Pass

[55] - Headlight Aim Control

  • LWR-ECU (vertical motors but no turning) with no slave modules
  • AFS-ECU (vertical motors and turning motors) with two slave modules
  • LED-AFS-ECU (vertical motors and turning motors) with four slave modules

[5F] - Information Electronics

[75] - Telematics

[A9] - Struct. Borne Sound

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