Audi RCEPS Steering Assist

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This page applies to the following vehicles with Audi RCEPS (J500) 44-Steering Assist:

The Steering Assist type can be identified by evaluating the data in the Auto-Scan:

Address 44: Steering Assist (J500)       Labels: 4G0-909-144.clb
  Part No SW: 4G0 909 144 K    HW: 4G0 909 144 G
  Component: RCEPS         H36 0009  
  ASAM Dataset: EV_RCEPS 007007
Address 44: Steering Assist (J500)       Labels: 8K0-909-144.clb
  Part No SW: 8K0 909 144 G    HW: 8K0 909 144 B
  Component: RCEPS         H40 0508  
  ASAM Dataset: EV_RCEPSAU48X 008015


  • Replacement control modules should be coded to the original configuration per the saved Auto-Scan.
    • If the original coding is rejected:
      • NAR (North American Region) TPI 2027779 may apply
      • See the parts catalog for any applicable parts bulletins (such as 9-97)
        • If the new steering rack uses component RCevo and a parts bulletin is mentioned in ETKA or PartsLink24 the replacement steering rack may require Software Version Management (SVM) configuration prior to Coding. In that case the Audi dealer should be able to configure the replacement steering rack.
  • Coding may not be possible with the engine running.
  • Coding Information is available using the Long Coding Helper function in VCDS.
  • Registered users encountering difficulty can join and post the inquiry in our forum -or- contact us directly via email with the complete Auto-Scan and repair history.


Security Access

  • Will appear in a pop-up balloon when connected to this controller.

Basic Setting


Resetting of learned values for steering assistance

This procedure would need to be performed if DTC C10AC Steering End Stops Not Learned was NOT resolved by following the G85 Basic Settings procedure step above in conjunction with:

  • Electromechanical Steering Rack replacement.
  • Mechanical repairs to the front involved significant alignment modifications to the vehicle.

If DTC C10AC Steering End Stops Not Learned is stored due to low battery voltage -or- G85 replacement alone this procedure should NOT be necessary.


  • New steering components installed and vehicle alignment completed.
  • No electrical faults stored in the 44-Steering Assist (J500) control module.
  • DTC C10AC Stored
  • Key On, Engine Off (KOEO)

[44 - Steering Assist]
[Security Access - 16]
Enter the code shown in the pop-up balloon to enable the basic setting.
[Do it!]
[Basic Settings - 04]
Select Resetting of learned values for steering assistance from the drop-down menu
When Finished Correctly or similar is shown click [Stop]

  • Note: VCDS may request a 1 to 3 digit code, if you receive this message, enter [000], then try again.

[Done, Go Back]
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]

Start the Engine (KOER)

  • With the engine running turn the steering to full right lock and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds. The vehicle should produce an audible beep
  • Turn the steering to the complete left lock and the same audible beep should sound.
  • If the above 2 steps were not successful then try reversing the steps by turning first to the left and then to the right.
  • Straighten the wheels and wait 5 to 10 seconds while observing the steering and traction control warnings. They should extinguish although it is advised to scan the vehicle again for DTCs prior to the test drive.

Note: It this procedure was not successful verify the alignment is within specifications. Although the difference between the right and left end stops needs to be less than 20°, the actual lock-to-lock G85 reading should be within 8° on a vehicle in proper working condition. A significant discrepancy due to collision repairs will prevent the steering limit end stops from learning.