VW Tiguan (5N)

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VW Tiguan (5N)
Source: Ross-Tech, LLC
Manufacturer: Volkswagen AG
Chassis Code: 5N/AX
Platform: VW356
Model Years: from 2008
Model Years (US): from 2009
Predecessor: None
Successor: None
Interface Hardware
DLC Location

The DLC is located in the Driver Footwell.

We have "small" list of Common Modifications & Tweaks for the VW Golf/Jetta/Bora (1K/5M) that apply to the 2009 and older Tiguan.

We also have "small" list of Common Modifications & Tweaks for the VW Golf (5K/52) which apply to the 2010 and newer Tiguan.

General Information about this Model can be found in the Wikipedia entry.

[01] - Engine Electronics

Gasoline Engines

Diesel Engines

[02] - Transmission Electronics

[03] - Brake Electronics

[08] - Heating/Air Conditioning

[09] - Central Electronics

Note: The 2009 and older Tiguan uses the conventional 09-Central Electronics module.

[09] - Central Electronics / Body Control Module (BCM)


  1. The 2010 and newer Tiguan uses the 09-Central Electronics / Body Control Module (BCM).
  2. Make sure to have all Doors unlocked, otherwise this Control Module may not communicate with the Scan Tool/VCDS.

[10] - Parking Aid & Park/Steer Assist

[15] - Airbag

[16] - Steering Wheel

[17] - Instrument Cluster

M.Y 2009 and older use the Conventional CAN 17-Instrument Cluster module:

M.Y 2010 and newer use the newer UDS 17-Instrument Cluster module:

[18] - Auxiliary Heating

[19] - CAN-Gateway

[25] - Immobilizer

[37] - Navigation

[3D] - Special Functions

[42] - Door Electronics Driver

[44] - Steering Assist

[46] - Comfort System

Note: On 2010 and newer Tiguans the Comfort System known from earlier Models has been integrated with the Central Electronics / Body Control Module (BCM) and is no longer available as a separate Address/Module. All related Diagnostics/Settings have to be performed via Central Electronics / Body Control Module (BCM).

[47] - Sound System

[52] - Door Electronics Passenger

[53] - Parking Brake

If you are unsure which Generation is installed, check the Control Module Identification.
EPB3 stands for Generation III and EPB4 for Generation IV. Dealer parts departments may no longer carry the EPB3 modules because they have been superseded with the newer EPB4 modules. The Coding of the replacement modules will likely not be the same as the Coding in the old module but the Coding charts in VCDS should be applicable.

[55] - Headlight Aim Control

[56] - Radio (Analog)

[62] - Door Electronics Rear Left

[65] - Tire Pressure Monitoring


  • The 2012+ NAR (North American Region) Tiguan is equipped with the Indirect TPMS which is a function of the ABS Brake Electronics system. Address [65] - Tire Pressure Monitoring is NOT used.
    • When ABS based TPMS is installed the vehicle is equipped with a reset button or MFA (dash) reset. The Owner's manual and Labels on the chassis will include vehicle specific instructions for the learning drive and reset.

[69] - Trailer

[6C] - Back-Up Camera

[72] - Door Electronics Rear Right

[77] - Telephone