VW Transporter (7E/7F)

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VW Transporter (7E/7F)
Source: S 400 HYBRID Wikipedia.gif
Manufacturer: Volkswagen AG
Chassis Code: 7E (7H) / 7F (7J)
Platform: VN750
Model Years: from 2010
Model Years (US): -
Predecessor: VW Transporter (7H/7J)
Successor: -
Interface Hardware
DLC Location

The Diagnostic Connector is located in the Driver Footwell.

General Information about this Model can be found in the Wikipedia entry.

This Ross-Tech Wiki page is a work in progress.

[01] - Engine Electronics

Diesel Engines

[02] - Transmission Electronics

[03] - Brake Electronics

[08] - Heating/Air Conditioning

[09] - Central Electronics / Body Control Module (BCM)

Note: Make sure to have all Doors unlocked, otherwise this Control Module may not communicate with the Scan Tool/VCDS.

[15] - Airbags

[17] - Instrument Cluster

[19] - Gateway

Note: Address 19 is integrated with the [09] - Central Electronics / Body Control Module (BCM) module.