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** Skoda Octavia (1Z), Skoda Superb (3T), Skoda Yeti (5L)
** Skoda Octavia (1Z), Skoda Superb (3T), Skoda Yeti (5L)
** VW Scirocco (13), VW Eos (1F), VW Caddy (2K), VW Golf/Jetta (1K/5K), VW Golf Plus (52, 5M), VW Touran (1T)
** VW Scirocco (13), VW Eos (1F), VW Caddy (2K), VW Golf/Jetta (1K/5K), VW Golf Plus (52, 5M), VW Touran (1T)
* [[Cruise Control Retrofitting (6R)|Cruise Control Retrofitting for VW Polo (9N) based Models]]
* [[Cruise Control Retrofitting (9N)|Cruise Control Retrofitting for VW Polo (9N) based Models]]
** Seat Ibiza (6L)
** Seat Ibiza (6L)
** Skoda Fabia/Roomster (5J) ''< MY 2010''
** Skoda Fabia/Roomster (5J) ''< MY 2010''

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Retrofitting Support

Due to the volume of retrofitting requests we have added the following to the Technical Support Policy for common retrofitting scenarios.

VCDS will communicate with and perform basic scan tool functions on OE (original equipment) VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda control modules that support diagnosis. When it comes to retrofitting components the level of support we provide may be limited. Support is only available to registered users.

General Retrofitting Policy

If you install control modules that could have been factory installed in the vehicle from we should be able to help. This is assuming the following conditions are met:

  • The retrofitted module is compatible with the vehicle platform and the remaining modules in the vehicle.
  • The vendors instructions were used to properly:
    • Install the control module(s).
    • Install the needed wiring.
    • Hardware (when needed) for the functionality of the new module is properly installed.
  • The repair manual and wiring diagrams were used to troubleshoot unforeseen problems.
  • The retrofitted module will communicate properly with VCDS.
  • The retrofit in its entirety must comply with legal or OE standards as if it was factory installed. This includes, but is not limited to, Xenon headlights.

Note: Aftermarket "Plug-and -Play" systems are rarely legal and do not include the necessary control modules and sensors to complete a proper OE style retrofit. See: AFS Xenon / HID Headlight Retrofitting Policy


Due to several requests we are now publishing the diagnostic related instructions for some common retrofitting scenarios.

These instructions do not cover mechanical/electronic details, they will only list the the diagnostic side (coding etc.). Additional details for the mechanical/electronic work needed are part of the retrofitting instructions provided by the parts supplier (i.e. trailer hitch retrofits) or can be found in the factory repair manuals and wiring diagrams.

Cruise Control Retrofitting

Navigation System Retrofitting

Tire Pressure Monitoring Retrofitting

Trailer Hitch Retrofitting